Paleo and a woman’s body

Alright. This may get weird.

I’m on my third week of autoimmune paleo. Lately, I’ve been whining, touchy, and incredibly tired. I couldn’t figure out why. I’ve been eating the same amount, sleeping the normal crappy sleep schedule for my 21-year-old bad self, and I’ve been exercising.


The thing about going paleo – about any and all life changes – is that you can’t get lost in the rules and regulations. Remember who you are. I’m Catie. I love chocolate. And once a month, mother nature delivers me a lovely shade of fertility.

I’m not tired because I’m screwing up. I’m not breaking out because I done my body wrong and I’m a failure. It’s just PMS! How could I forget that even though I’m on paleo and I recently discovered I’m celiac that I’m a woman, through and through? No amount of diet changes will be able to cure every single symptom of PMS (as much as I hope it will). And that’s okay. If I’m truly exhausted, I’m going to eat a little more than usual. That’s what I’ve always done.

All in all, three weeks in and I’m still happy to be doing paleo. That’s what matters. Yeah I’ve gotten bored with my menu, but that’s my fault. There are some great resources out there that I really really want. Besides that, everything else is getting better. I feel better, look better, and I can tell that I’m healing. Backne and wrackne are drying up, my dandruff is almost nonexistant, and my acne-rosacea’d pizza face is still preeee red but so much better than when I started all of this.

So don’t stop just because you think you’ve messed up horribly. On AIP, I accidentally drank a malt beverage, soy, chocolate (that was on purpose), and who-knows-what-else. But I know that my setbacks are temporary. My hope for healing, however, is permanent.


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