Traveling and Paleo and mixing the two?

Well being that it’s mid July, people have been traveling quite a bit. As for myself, I have been out of my house for the majority of July. And I won’t be officially home until the end of it.

That beckons a few questions, wouldn’t you agree?

How does one travel as a celiac?
Which restaurants do you go to/avoid altogether?
How do you go camping in the wilderness without knowing the condition of your grill as a paleo?

Good questions, all of which deserve time and attention.

How does one travel as a celiac?
Being celiac means trying to be prepared for what life throws at you. I believe those with celiac are adept with flexibility. You see, as a celiac, I may not know where or when my next meal is coming. I cannot expect to get a fulfilling meal everywhere I go because the truth is, I may be limited to a salad, and it might not be the best salad. To which I say, flexibility is key! Don’t let it ruin your mood! Being celiac is a fun challenge to an otherwise average life; we get to be the heroes of our digestive systems! Thus, retain your flexibility. You are a hero for forgoing questionable mashed potatoes and breaded salmon.

Which restaurants do you go to/avoid altogether?
One of the best pieces of advice I’ve seen lately is to call ahead to restaurants to make sure they know what “gluten” is. I haven’t tried it yet though, so I mostly try to go to restaurants with an open mind. Smaller, gourmet local restaurants may marinate all their meats over night in special sauces. I’d avoid these. Order a nice salad instead. Sorry, I know that’s not always fun. Again, this is where your attitude can hurt or help you. Try to keep your mood light and just embrace whatever life throws at you. When it’s throwing big balls of gluten, eat leaves.

For alcohol (I’m newly 21 so experimenting with drinks has been tricky), stick with what you know. Flavor shots and syrups can be questionable. They’re also high in sugar. Robb Wolf recommends on tequila shot. I personally hate hard liquor a lot, so if I’m going to indulge, it’s going to be on hard apple cider because it’s pretty trustworthy. Just gotta watch out if the cider people put yeast in it – not all yeast is GF.

Camping!? How!?
There’s an impulse for me to buy fruit, fruit snacks, and all these other goods while camping. I pictured it being like a snack-topia where I would need to eat constantly in order to feel satisfied (can you tell I get too nervous about my next meal)? So, yeah I ate too much fruit and fruit snacks, but just so no one could contaminate my food or have me go into a panicky starvation mode, I pre-made all my meals and put them into separate containers before I left. I brought a big cooler that I shared with my friend, we put in ice packs and bought ice, and I was good for two days and a morning. My mistake was too much fruit. I could’ve used bigger/more substantial meals. And I forgot that R. Wolf suggested meals be closer to 5 hours apart. He had a good reason for it if you search the web for his eating frequency article!

So there you have it. I will update this post/expand when I get back from my latest and greatest escapade, and until then, I bid you adieu!


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