21DSD – Day 2

It’s hard to believe I’m on day 2 of the 21 day sugar detox! The detox is designed to get you to bust your carb-cravings and get your life back. For me, it’s going to help me calm my acne, calm my cravings, and help my body heal.

The day before I started, I thought I’d give myself a few sweet treats. I had some jelly beans. I had some reese’s peanut butter cups. To be honest, I felt really tired that day. Exhausted. Just not right. Maybe you experience some of these energy lulls throughout the day, too. Well, I can tell you that I feel them all the time. That’s why I wanted to try the 21DSD. Check my update to see how the whole thing went.

Fast forward to day 1, I was pretty nervous about my first day. I didn’t know if I’d be starving or if I’d be okay. I know peanut butter isn’t on the list, but I made the judgment for myself that I would try it and if it didn’t work, I would take it out. Well, I have a sensitive to nuts and seeds. I thought that maybe since peanuts are actually a legume, it’d be okay. Well, I got a migraine. It took about 8 hours for me to finally feel better.

*If you know you have a food allergy, avoid that food on the detox. Even if you love it. If you’re adamant about eating it, write it on your calendar every time you take a taste. That way, at least you know how often you’re indulging. Peanut butter bothers me. I’m going to aim for indulging every 3-4 weeks maybe. Maybe longer. Take care of yourself, and ignore your problem foods. If you’re like me, your problem foods might be a result of leaky gut and not an allergy. When your gut heals, those food sensitivities will go away. 🙂

Fast forward to day 2, and my migraine is gone. I woke up early, got a ton of errands done, finished my work early. I feel empowered, healthy, and happy. I’m energetic! I usually don’t feel this way and this is only day two!!!

Considering trying the 21DSD, too? Well, I have one tip for you that Diane Sanfilippo reiterates in her book: Make sure you are eating enough, balancing your meals, and getting plenty of fats and proteins.

21DSD - day 2

See that picture? Yeah, that’s 9 paleo pumpkin pancakes, roasted asparagus, 5 pieces of bacon, and 2 eggs. That’s a lunch to be happy about. My pancakes had no sugar or maple syrup. And they were oh so good. And I only had to use 1/2 cup of pumpkin from Practical Paleo! A satisfying meal doesn’t have to have sugar or sweetener or fruit of any kind! Just make sure you’re giving your body what it wants. Don’t let yourself get so hungry that you’re going to need to eat while you cook food for yourself. If you do, fine, but don’t reach for the candy! Grab an avocado. Try some nut butter if that works for you. The satisfying foods come in the form of fats, I’ve noticed. Maybe you need a few slices of bacon. Try it!

Does anyone have good ideas for snacks on the 21DSD? Does anyone have any success stories from it!? I’d love to hear what you went through 🙂


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