Why I love my Acne

I can play the hate game with my skin. I used to have gorgeous skin. In the 8th grade, or around the time I turned 13, I went on the Atkins diet. I had some minor acne on my forehead, but luckily, I pull off bangs. I had no pimples on my cheeks and I had some black heads on my nose.

For those of us with acne, the above situation sounds pretty ideal compared to our later stages.

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Acne & it’s link to the rest of the body

Hello friends, I am finally home from traveling for a little while! While I’ve been in different parts of the country for the past month, I’ve been forced to learn a lot about my body and how it handles different things. Therefore, today I have a hodgepodge of different tips, tricks, identifiers, and just weird things I’ve learned/experimented with over the past month to hopefully help people struggling with paleo, acne, rosacea, cravings, sugar, and whatever else! 

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Traveling and Paleo and mixing the two?

Well being that it’s mid July, people have been traveling quite a bit. As for myself, I have been out of my house for the majority of July. And I won’t be officially home until the end of it.

That beckons a few questions, wouldn’t you agree?

How does one travel as a celiac?
Which restaurants do you go to/avoid altogether?
How do you go camping in the wilderness without knowing the condition of your grill as a paleo?

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Cater to your happy

It’s okay. I know, sometimes you do things you don’t like to do. I know. I do it, too. That’s life, and you have to, and it’s soul-clensing.

You still have to cater to your happiness, though. So I’m taking a break today from talking about celiac disease and paleo and acne to tell you that simple changes in your life can make all the difference. I know you know this, but it’s nice to be reminded right?

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