Don’t lose sight of the spirit

A week ago, I had the privilege to be at a conference with 9,500 Catholic college students from all over the country and some from other countries. There were religious sisters and brothers, priests, and many of my friends from across the country. Lord, was it beautiful.

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UPDATE: Almost done AIP

Hello friends!

I am two days away from completing my 30 days AIP (the autoimmune protocol within the paleo diet). With that said, there are a lot of small, nit-picky¬†updates that I have for you. While you might not need them/relate to them at all, I found that there weren’t too many testimonies for AIP when I researched it. I wanted to know what people went through in many aspects of their lives, not just what happened when they finished or started AIP. I want to give you a thorough update without going into too much detail. Let us begin!

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