Don’t lose sight of the spirit

A week ago, I had the privilege to be at a conference with 9,500 Catholic college students from all over the country and some from other countries. There were religious sisters and brothers, priests, and many of my friends from across the country. Lord, was it beautiful.

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Modern day doctors: Think before your next appointment

In the past 21 years, I’ve seen probably 10-15 different specialists, gone to the doctor more than twice per year, had unexplainable symptoms, and had someone think I was a hypochondriac. It’s really a dreadful situation because I’m not the type of person to exaggerate things or make up stories for attention. Actually, the less attention I get, the better.

So why is it that after years and years of going to the doctor, I was no closer to the answers than the doctors were to believing me? Or to listening?

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The things that have helped me in my Paleo journey

If you’ve followed my posts even once, you know that my Paleo journey has not been an easy going, smooth-running river. There have been many tears, many moments of frustration and exhaustion at trying to figure out yet another issue going on within, and there have been many times when I’ve kind of wanted to just give it all up.

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A general, relatable update regarding 21DSD, Ugly Crying, and Skintervention

A little while ago, I told you that I was attempting the 21DSD. I feel that it is my obligation to update you on my experiences with it, since they didn’t go so well.

On the 21DSD, I made it to … probably day 7. I wrote everything down. I was pretty good about sticking to my resolution. I definitely experienced cravings, and I ate dark chocolate whenever I would permit myself. But my health started to decline — pretty rapidly, too.

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The Numbers Game with Carbs

What is it about carbs that freaks people out? I just had a friend ask me that if it’s all about numbers, why does it matter if the carb numbers come from beer or fruit? I’m going to try to answer this question to the best of my ability with my limited knowledge and my experiences from the summer. So let’s take this thing one step at a time.

Carbs. What they do.

Carbs are really interesting because we don’t need them in surplus – in the way we get them (we don’t need too much at all, really). Our paleo ancestors got carbs when they were available. They had less-sweet fruits when seasonal, some vegetables when they were available, and they had a bunch of meat when they could get it. But they coveted fats because that’s where the energy is.

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Embarking on a new journey – 21DSD

Hi there! It’s been about a week since my last post about good reads for a healthy body. Thank you for such a wonderful response! I’m glad to help whenever I can.

In continuing my theme of wanting a healthy journey this summer, I had to be honest with myself about a few different things. Does this ever happen to you? You think things are going really well, and it’s not until you’re deep into something that you realize it wasn’t working out.

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Healthy reads, healthy body

I’ve been on a journey this summer 2014 to learn what’s wrong with my body. In general, it was to cure my acne. But I’ve learned so much more than that. I’ve learned I love paleo, I’m allergic to nuts & seeds, I have celiac disease, and I’ve got carb-digestion problems. I know, it’s a lot of self-diagnoses. But I also waited for 21 years for doctors to be able to tell me something, and they never did. So there. Self-diagnoses.

Here are the books I’ve read along the way, and I want to share them with you so that you can go down the fun path of learning how to take care of yourself. Hopefully, if you can take care of yourself now, there will be less clean-up later. And you can help your family, too!

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30-day skin update

If you’ve been keeping up with me, you know that my journey with acne and with paleo are intimately linked. I really wanted to take my acne into my own hands (ew not literally) and stop playing my hands at traditional western medicine. You see, I got acne at 17. I used a face scrub, got acne, panicked, and used more face scrub. I don’t know why I didn’t think to stop it sooner, but you know, hindsight.

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