Functioning asleep: What your body needs and why

We spend half of our lives immobile and unconscious on the top of a mattress, on a couch, in a chair, or maybe comfortably on the floor snuggling next to a pet. That part is obvious. The not so obvious part, though, is why?

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UPDATE: Almost done AIP

Hello friends!

I am two days away from completing my 30 days AIP (the autoimmune protocol within the paleo diet). With that said, there are a lot of small, nit-picky¬†updates that I have for you. While you might not need them/relate to them at all, I found that there weren’t too many testimonies for AIP when I researched it. I wanted to know what people went through in many aspects of their lives, not just what happened when they finished or started AIP. I want to give you a thorough update without going into too much detail. Let us begin!

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